How you will start your R&D project development ???

With my short experience, I’m going to give you a idea, how you will start your R&D project.

* This is my first R&D project.
* Should I need to read any research paper ???
* What will be my first step for the R&D project ???
* I could not meet my deadline on time.
* Which language should I use for my R&D project ???
* My team members are not good enough for R&D project.

* This is my first R&D project.

– This is not a matter of factor that you are doing your first R&D project or your 12th R&D project. The main thing is that you have to establish your research idea. If you could not establish your R&D idea then you might have some problem. There are lots of R&D projects which are being actively used in the internet and they don’t have any exact solution. They running over approximate solutions. So this is not a factor that you have to establish a exact solution for a R&D project.

* Should I need to read any research paper over that ???

–  Yes off course you need to read the existing research paper of your project. You have to conform whether does it a implementation based R&D based project or pure research based project. Its my own word that “If you implement a research paper thoroughly” then its a implementation based project.

* What will be my first step for the R&D project ???
* I could not meet my deadline on time.
* Which language should I have to use for my R&D project ???

– Most of the cases a R&D project developers are try to follow some minor mistakes, they thought, this is a R&D project and my project have to be very first(I mean processing time). So I have to choose C/C++. There are some GUI functionalities are available in my R&D project. so I have to use java programming with some simple socket programming for communication.

But the main factor is that this is a wrong step for your R&D project. If you fix your design then this is good. But if you don’t fix your design then it might show you some major problems. And the main thing is that you could not meet your deadlines.

If your research project is quite innovative project. And you didn’t get any sufficient research paper over that then you might have to fix you idea first, then development. so at that point of view my experience is quite different. If you choose C/C++ then it might impact on your deadline. First use python language or other quick development languages. My point of view is, it’s quite good to use python for your quick idea establishment procedure. There are lots of developed libraries are available in the internet.  Once you fix the idea then you just re code it in C/C++. Some of you could tell me double development time, how you will manage it. Once you fix the design then it will not take long time to develop. But one thing I faced in my real life that when you fix some idea then you need to conform whether it is correct or wrong. At that time you need some quick feedback. And you will do a fast code for your idea implement procedure. Suppose you have done some research over a part of your project and you need to conform. And you have fixed that development language will be C/C++ and after the component/module development you realize that your idea was wrong. What will you do ???

You have inspired already 2/3 months in your project. Though you might know many things. But you don’t have that much time to develop a new idea or some thing special in your rest of the time. For this reason you could not meet your deadline. some of you could told me that if you do any R&D over a project then it will never 100% wrong. If you told me like this way then I will say you simply, you didn’t face that problems. I’m telling you the way you lead for your R&D project. Not the way you skipped away. Another thing I need to tell you that If you could develop a project with C/C++ in 1 year. Then you could be able to do the same project with in 2 months.

My point of view, If you are working in a academic project then its totally different but not fully different. If you are working in a company project then you have to first R&D this things:
0] First R&D will be, Is there any existing available R&D over their.
1] Basic architecture of the project.
2] How many modules you will use in your project
3] You have to fix the flow diagram of this project using this modules.
4] Then the Languages. which languages you need to use for this modules.
5] You have to find out most of the critical part of this project whether does it impact on your design or not.
6] Few test codes for your modules. Once you conform that you test code is running well then you will be conform that this module is ok. And you have to follow for all of your modules.
7] You have to find out all the sufficient libraries for your languages at the very first time.
8] You have to visualize all of the part of your components in your memory and think about whether is there any problem or not.

In my short experience I have found some good knowledge which are given below:
1] You will never delete any file in your computer
2] Language choose is a big factor. You have to identify the main language for your modules.
3] You could use 20% fail safe time in your current time. I always like to prefer 20% fail safe time in my estimated time.
4]  In my short experience, I have found some deadlock state(this is my own word) that I could not get any solution for a specific modules, at that time I just take a break.

Some use full links for your R&D projects.
1] ACM Portal research paper
2] IEEE research paper, … etc
May be you know better than me. Actually I really like to help those people who are new in this field.

I could not understand why developers are always try to compare with Language 1 with Language 2. All the languages have lots of modules and functionalities. You have to know whether does it best suitable or not.

[If you follow my guide line then you have to remember that:
There are lots of works are available in the internet. If you search through bing/google/yahoo then you could get some research paper or other stuffs. Then you could use that paper for your R&D projects. At that time you don’t need to follow fully my guide lines. You could choose your desire language you have fixed your desigh. so its a matter of factor of implementation. And from my point of view this is not a proper R&D based project. So, Its a quite implementation based project. ]

Few things you need to follow / Its better to follow few things / Tips
– Try to implement your project in statistical analysis basis. If it is needed.

Operating system: Your should consider your RAM usages, CPU usages, HDD and your computer operating system in your design time. But this is not important for all the project. I am just reminding you.

Common working Space: You should follow common working space. I mean computer development folder structure. If your one developer is not present then other can easily handle it.

Documentation: you don’t need to document your code thoroughly(Its my point of view). Because your idea could vary frequently. You just need to document version wise idea. You could document your main critical ideas also. Once you fix your design then you could document your whole coding documentation.

Research Papers: If you don’t have any IEEE or ACM portal account try to use first the key word you want to search. Then go to the ACM portam or IEEE website and copy the research paper heading and try to search this heading through your browser. (This is only for new R&D developers 😀 )

Project DeadLock: This is my own word :-D. If you face any type of problem that you are fixing your project but it makes you a another problem. When you fix on that problem. At that time you are facing another problem. You could not realize what is happening in your project. I just tell this scenario as a “Project DeadLock”. You have to do re code or your design might have some problems.

– TeamLeaders Role: Team leaders role is a  big factor in a R&D project. I need to write a big article over that.

– Developers Role: I need to write a different article over that.

* My team members are not good enough for R&D project.

– You have to identify who is good for your project. If he/she is not suitable then just change the developer. Don’t waste your time otherwise it will impact in your team. And a good team leader knows how to manage his team properly. He knows every ones skill. His duty is to set the right person in right place.

Mohiul Alam Prince

[This article is only for new R&D developers]

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